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Feel free to check out this informative article about some of the top choice cameras for independent documentary filmmaking.

The article was intriguing for me to read but I have to say that I did not completely agree with the final results.  Mainly because I’m honestly not a huge fan of DSLR style of shooting video.  There are certainly advantages to using DSLRs, for instance being able to change lenses, but it’s not my preferred way of making movies.

My last four documentaries were shot with a Sony V-1U, which is an obsolete camera now because it shot on HDV tape.  Now that we are fully in the digital age, Sony has recently released some amazing new cameras including the PXW-Z100 4K Handheld XDCAM and the HXR-NX5U NXCAM professional camcorder.

Here’s an interesting article about the new 4k camera:


I wish I knew someone at Sony who would loan me the NX5U.  I have two feature-length documentaries that I will be making soon and I would love to show the world what I can create with these amazing cinema tools.
In case you don’t know, I tend to make my movies solo or at least with a very minimal crew.  So, the lighter and more user friendly the gear is -- the better.    

I also prefer using a lightweight Gitzo brand tripod and Sennheiser microphones.  I also use a light weight Lowell light kit.  In addition, I capture amazing footage and unique perspectives using a Go Pro 3 camera.  If you don’t have a Go Pro, I highly recommend that you pick one up ASAP.  They are quite remarkable and incredibly easy to use.

The future of cinema is in your hands.  

Click here for more info:

Good luck everyone!

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