Saturday, May 3, 2014


Is there anything new and exciting going on in your life today?  Why not pick up a camera and tell your story.  It’s as simple as that.  Pure visual storytelling. 
We strive to create pure cinema here at XYZ Video.  

Movies that not only entertain but also educate and enlighten audiences.  Currently we have numerous projects in various stages of development. 

To review, we are currently developing a feature length documentary, Nine Lives, about nine uniquely talented artists from around the world, and an experimental film, Starting Tomorrow, about the here and now of the world we all live in.
In addition, we are currently developing a very exciting new screenplay about the most remarkable woman you've never met.  It’s a modern day love story with a new cinematic twist to it.  Chance, fate, and seduction are some of the themes that will be explored in this inventive and entertaining movie.  Also, the unique casting of the feature film will make it provocative and compelling to watch. 
I can’t share with you much more at the moment except to say that we promise you that it will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.  We believe that audiences are hungry for new unique stories from bold visual storytellers.  Now is the time for a new cinematic talent to emerge from the American independent film scene and continue to push the boundaries of cinema in new and intriguing ways.  

These three creative projects currently require financing to further develop and begin production.  In addition, we also have several other exciting new projects in development that we look forward to sharing with you soon.   The future looks very bright and the XYZ Video blog is your source for what is new and exciting in independent cinema.
                                                (Photo courtesy of Ant Nixon from Thru My Lenz Productions)

I encourage each of you reading this blog to stop what you are doing and pick up a camera and share your perspective with the world.  Movies are truly the ultimate art form of our time.  Go make one and enjoy!

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Hello everyone and welcome back to the XYZ Video blog.  As you may know with this online blog we like to showcase new ideas and creative trends in the entertainment business with a twist on it from our unique perspective.  Today we are going to discuss the advantages of alternative funding sources for independent filmmakers.

Here at XYZ Video we are always looking for new sources of funding for our upcoming projects.  We have several projects in development that are currently ready to be financed.  To help with the fundraising efforts we have set up a page on our website where investors can donate directly to our company using PayPal.  Here’s a link to donate today:

This is your official invitation for you to join Team XYZ and financially support local filmmakers creating new and exciting cinema.  Our aim is to produce entertaining and enlightening movies that make a difference in our community and inspire audiences worldwide. 

Here is a great resource for all independent filmmakers to be aware of.  The Movie Fund is a great tool to access regarding alternative sources of funding.  Check out the website for more information:    

The Small Business Administration website is also a great resource for information regarding grants, loans, and taxes.  Here’s a link:

In addition, I recently heard some exciting news regarding a grant for independent filmmakers.  Be sure to help spread the word that the Love Your Shorts Film Festival is currently offering a $500 film production grant to help create your next short film.

Anyone with a great idea for a new short movie should formulate a concept and treatment and apply for this grant.  It’s wonderful to see a local film festival here in Florida directly supporting and showcasing new filmmakers.

Here’s a link for more information about how to help finance your next movie:

Good luck and share the vision!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Nine Lives documentary by Dean McDermitt currently in development at XYZ Video

Hello everyone and welcome back to the XYZ Video blog.  Today we are going to explore the subject of SEO.  According to Google, Search Engine Optimization is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.
It's an important concept because successfully utilizing this valuable tool can boost the marketability of XYZ Video and our upcoming documentary, Nine Lives.  It's also important to lace the right words into your website DNA to assist with keyword searches online.  Doing so can increase the ranking on Google and other search engines.  Pictures and videos can also be effective and helpful. 

One way we here at XYZ Video can gain online attention for our upcoming documentary Nine Lives is by following Grant Cardone’s advice from the Entrepreneur article, “5 Ways to Get Out of Startup Mode And Grow Your Business.”  “The single biggest problem every startup has is becoming known. Your most important task is to get attention for you and your company. It's the gateway to every dollar you raise.”  Here's a link to the Entrepreneur article by Grant Cardone:

Therefore, I need to develop a new promo video for the upcoming feature length documentary Nine Lives.  I've already registered a domain and set up a website to help build awareness and market the movie and XYZ Video.  Here's a link:

As the independent feature length documentary project continues to develop the website will be expanded to showcase the nine featured creative artists.  In addition, behind-the-scenes footage will be included demonstrating the process of making the movie.
As we showcase each of the nine talented artists from around the world they will bring with them a new and diverse audience.
Here’s how Hollywood movie trailer guru Mark Woollen describes what it takes to create a successful promo video in the Wired article, "The Art of the Trailer."  "It should be about teasing and raising interest and asking provocative questions, not answering them." 
Here's a link to a Wired article by Jason Kehe and Katie M. Palmer:
There's certainly an art and a science to seducing an audience.  I prefer trailers that leave you wanting more.  Here at XYZ Video we strive to create the kind of promo video for Nine Lives that will inspire all different types of people to share it with their friends online.  Building public awareness and generating positive industry buzz.  

Sunday, March 9, 2014


It's worth mentioning that Disappear Here was recently showcased on the Full Sail Blog.  I was one of two faculty members that had a new movie screening at the 2014 Love Your Shorts Film Festival
Here's a link to check it out:

I had a delightful experience at the LYSFF in Sanford, Florida.  It was wonderful to see the movie on a big screen with an audience.  Cinema truly is the ultimate art form because it combines all of the arts into one.
Photo courtesy of Samantha Lane Photography.
After the screening I was invited to join a panel of distinguished filmmakers for an hour-long panel discussion covering a wide variety of topics regarding the entertainment business.  It was a wonderful opportunity to network and discuss new ideas about independent cinema with other talented filmmakers.
Photo courtesy of Samantha Lane Photography.
The Filmmaker Panel was moderated by former LYSFF board member, Matt West.  Each panelist shared a few insights and tips about overcoming a variety of challenges to successfully create their movie.  In addition, there was a question and answer session with the audience.
Photo courtesy of Samantha Lane Photography. 
Here are some notes of what I shared:

Be bold and discover new ways to tell a story visually.  Create something unique and beautiful.  Experiment and discover new storytelling techniques.  
Photo courtesy of Samantha Lane Photography.
Cinema is freedom.  Exercise your First Amendment Right (Freedom of Speech) and make a movie that pushes the boundaries of visual storytelling and challenges the audience to understand your perspective in a new and interesting way. 

Remember to design and implement a strong digital marketing campaign for your movie.
Photo courtesy of Samantha Lane Photography.
There are three E’s to great moviemaking.  A good movie should do all three of these: entertain, educate and enlighten the audience.  That’s what we strive to do here at XYZ Video.    

Photo courtesy of Samantha Lane Photography.
From left to right, Matt West was the moderator of the panel.  The other members were: Michael J. Ruiz-Unger, Director of A Hawk Told Me from the Florida Flavor category, Dean McDermitt, Director of Disappear Here from the Documentary category, Stefan Meylaers, Producer/Composer of Oculus from the Sci-Fi/Horror category, TL WestGate, Director of Techsquad from the Florida Flavor category, and Jennifer Gerber, Director of Capture from the Sci-fi/Horror category.
For more information about LYSFF click here:

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Hello everyone and welcome back to the XYZ Video blog!  

Today I thought I would share with you my resume and detail some of my professional experience as a director and photojournalist.

In addition to co-founding XYZ Video, LLC in November of 2006 with my older brother, Ryan McDermitt, I've also had a wide variety of technical experience working as a professional in the entertainment industry.  Take a look for yourself…

PO Box 570121
Orlando, Florida 32857


Extensive experience in the theatre arts, television news and cinema.  Professional skills include: operating film and video cameras, non-linear editing, sound design, creative lighting techniques, TelePrompTer, ENG microwave live trucks, helicopter experience and directing live programs.


Lab Specialist / Instructor        2010 - present       Full Sail University  

Supervising coordinator for multiple short documentaries each month in the DFM courses.  Responsibilities include: training students on the basics of documentary-style storytelling, cinematography, audio, lighting, editing, marketing campaigns, and film festival submissions.


Photojournalist / Editor             2009 - 2010          Ivanhoe Broadcast News, Orlando, Florida
Photojournalist / Editor             2008 - 2009          WKMG (CBS) Orlando, Florida
Freelance Photojournalist         2006 - 2008          WXEL (PBS) Boynton Beach, Florida
Photojournalist / Editor             2006 - present       XYZ VIDEO Orlando, Florida
Photojournalist / Editor             2004 - 2005           WPTV (NBC) West Palm Beach, Florida
Photojournalist / Editor             2001 - 2004           WWSB (ABC) Sarasota, Florida
Production Assistant                2000 - 2001           WPEC (CBS) West Palm Beach, Florida


Freelance Photojournalist         2010 - 2011            Mercury Radio Arts / GBTV
Utility / Camera Assistant         Jan/ Feb 2007        NFL Network / Super Bowl XLI
Movie Projectionist                   1997 - 2000            United Artists Theatre Circuits, Inc.
Producer / Director                    1996 - 1997            Palm Beach Studio Theatre
Adjunct Professor                      Fall 1996                Palm Beach State College
Production Assistant                 March 1992             ABC News, NIGHTLINE with Peter Jennings


Full Sail University                  2014 Graduate      Master of Science in Entertainment Business 
University of Miami                 1995 Graduate       Bachelor of Science in Communication


Associated Press Broadcasters Award             2003                  Cell Shock
Cannes Film Festival - Short Film Corner         2007                  Citizen Wilma
Telly Award / Emmy Award Nomination            2010                  Another Day in Paris
Love Your Shorts Film Festival                        2014                  Disappear Here

In addition, my professional resume is also available on IMDb pro: DEAN McDERMITT

Sunday, January 12, 2014


I'm pleased to announce that I just received notice that the world premiere screening for my cosplay documentary, Disappear Here, has been officially selected to be screened at the 2014 Love Your Shorts Film Festival!

The world premiere screening will be on Saturday February 15 at 1PM.

Here's a direct link to the film festival website. 

It's my understanding that there were 261 films from 27 countries this season and only the top 70 made the cut.

In addition to three days of showcasing a wide variety of intriguing short films, the festival will also host several educational workshops for visiting and and/or aspiring moviemakers.

Founded in February 2010, the film festival places an emphasis on the “art of the short film.”  Their mission statement is to support, promote and recognize the art of short film and its artists. 

It’s truly wonderful to have such a positive and pure little film festival right here in central Florida for everyone to enjoy.  I look forward to networking and meeting new talented visual storytellers from around the globe at the screenings.

There’s a very cozy feel to the Wayne Densch Theater in downtown Sanford, Florida and I’m looking forward to finally having the opportunity of watching the movie with an audience on the big screen.

For more direct information about the movie click here where I showcased the production in a previous XYZ Video Blog posting:

I’ve been to some of the largest film festivals in the world and I’ve also been to some of the smallest and there are great aspects to being showcased in both.  
If you can't wait until the screening, click here to watch the movie right now:

DISAPPEAR HERE a documentary about Cosplay by Dean McDermitt

Enjoy & be sure to tell a friend or two about this exciting movie!

Sunday, December 15, 2013


As you may know with this blog we like to showcase new ideas and trends in the entertainment business with a twist on it from our unique perspective.

Feel free to check out this informative article about some of the top choice cameras for independent documentary filmmaking.

The article was intriguing for me to read but I have to say that I did not completely agree with the final results.  Mainly because I’m honestly not a huge fan of DSLR style of shooting video.  There are certainly advantages to using DSLRs, for instance being able to change lenses, but it’s not my preferred way of making movies.

My last four documentaries were shot with a Sony V-1U, which is an obsolete camera now because it shot on HDV tape.  Now that we are fully in the digital age, Sony has recently released some amazing new cameras including the PXW-Z100 4K Handheld XDCAM and the HXR-NX5U NXCAM professional camcorder.

Here’s an interesting article about the new 4k camera:


I wish I knew someone at Sony who would loan me the NX5U.  I have two feature-length documentaries that I will be making soon and I would love to show the world what I can create with these amazing cinema tools.
In case you don’t know, I tend to make my movies solo or at least with a very minimal crew.  So, the lighter and more user friendly the gear is -- the better.    

I also prefer using a lightweight Gitzo brand tripod and Sennheiser microphones.  I also use a light weight Lowell light kit.  In addition, I capture amazing footage and unique perspectives using a Go Pro 3 camera.  If you don’t have a Go Pro, I highly recommend that you pick one up ASAP.  They are quite remarkable and incredibly easy to use.

The future of cinema is in your hands.  

Click here for more info:

Good luck everyone!