Sunday, March 16, 2014

Nine Lives documentary by Dean McDermitt currently in development at XYZ Video

Hello everyone and welcome back to the XYZ Video blog.  Today we are going to explore the subject of SEO.  According to Google, Search Engine Optimization is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.
It's an important concept because successfully utilizing this valuable tool can boost the marketability of XYZ Video and our upcoming documentary, Nine Lives.  It's also important to lace the right words into your website DNA to assist with keyword searches online.  Doing so can increase the ranking on Google and other search engines.  Pictures and videos can also be effective and helpful. 

One way we here at XYZ Video can gain online attention for our upcoming documentary Nine Lives is by following Grant Cardone’s advice from the Entrepreneur article, “5 Ways to Get Out of Startup Mode And Grow Your Business.”  “The single biggest problem every startup has is becoming known. Your most important task is to get attention for you and your company. It's the gateway to every dollar you raise.”  Here's a link to the Entrepreneur article by Grant Cardone:

Therefore, I need to develop a new promo video for the upcoming feature length documentary Nine Lives.  I've already registered a domain and set up a website to help build awareness and market the movie and XYZ Video.  Here's a link:

As the independent feature length documentary project continues to develop the website will be expanded to showcase the nine featured creative artists.  In addition, behind-the-scenes footage will be included demonstrating the process of making the movie.
As we showcase each of the nine talented artists from around the world they will bring with them a new and diverse audience.
Here’s how Hollywood movie trailer guru Mark Woollen describes what it takes to create a successful promo video in the Wired article, "The Art of the Trailer."  "It should be about teasing and raising interest and asking provocative questions, not answering them." 
Here's a link to a Wired article by Jason Kehe and Katie M. Palmer:
There's certainly an art and a science to seducing an audience.  I prefer trailers that leave you wanting more.  Here at XYZ Video we strive to create the kind of promo video for Nine Lives that will inspire all different types of people to share it with their friends online.  Building public awareness and generating positive industry buzz.  

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