Sunday, April 13, 2014


Hello everyone and welcome back to the XYZ Video blog.  As you may know with this online blog we like to showcase new ideas and creative trends in the entertainment business with a twist on it from our unique perspective.  Today we are going to discuss the advantages of alternative funding sources for independent filmmakers.

Here at XYZ Video we are always looking for new sources of funding for our upcoming projects.  We have several projects in development that are currently ready to be financed.  To help with the fundraising efforts we have set up a page on our website where investors can donate directly to our company using PayPal.  Here’s a link to donate today:

This is your official invitation for you to join Team XYZ and financially support local filmmakers creating new and exciting cinema.  Our aim is to produce entertaining and enlightening movies that make a difference in our community and inspire audiences worldwide. 

Here is a great resource for all independent filmmakers to be aware of.  The Movie Fund is a great tool to access regarding alternative sources of funding.  Check out the website for more information:    

The Small Business Administration website is also a great resource for information regarding grants, loans, and taxes.  Here’s a link:

In addition, I recently heard some exciting news regarding a grant for independent filmmakers.  Be sure to help spread the word that the Love Your Shorts Film Festival is currently offering a $500 film production grant to help create your next short film.

Anyone with a great idea for a new short movie should formulate a concept and treatment and apply for this grant.  It’s wonderful to see a local film festival here in Florida directly supporting and showcasing new filmmakers.

Here’s a link for more information about how to help finance your next movie:

Good luck and share the vision!

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