Saturday, May 3, 2014


Is there anything new and exciting going on in your life today?  Why not pick up a camera and tell your story.  It’s as simple as that.  Pure visual storytelling. 
We strive to create pure cinema here at XYZ Video.  

Movies that not only entertain but also educate and enlighten audiences.  Currently we have numerous projects in various stages of development. 

To review, we are currently developing a feature length documentary, Nine Lives, about nine uniquely talented artists from around the world, and an experimental film, Starting Tomorrow, about the here and now of the world we all live in.
In addition, we are currently developing a very exciting new screenplay about the most remarkable woman you've never met.  It’s a modern day love story with a new cinematic twist to it.  Chance, fate, and seduction are some of the themes that will be explored in this inventive and entertaining movie.  Also, the unique casting of the feature film will make it provocative and compelling to watch. 
I can’t share with you much more at the moment except to say that we promise you that it will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.  We believe that audiences are hungry for new unique stories from bold visual storytellers.  Now is the time for a new cinematic talent to emerge from the American independent film scene and continue to push the boundaries of cinema in new and intriguing ways.  

These three creative projects currently require financing to further develop and begin production.  In addition, we also have several other exciting new projects in development that we look forward to sharing with you soon.   The future looks very bright and the XYZ Video blog is your source for what is new and exciting in independent cinema.
                                                (Photo courtesy of Ant Nixon from Thru My Lenz Productions)

I encourage each of you reading this blog to stop what you are doing and pick up a camera and share your perspective with the world.  Movies are truly the ultimate art form of our time.  Go make one and enjoy!

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