Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I'm pleased to announce that principal photography will begin soon for the next XYZ Video documentary - STARTING TOMORROW.

I've been developing this idea for several years and the time has come to make it a reality.

Without giving too much away -- the short movie will include a random sampling of "person on the street" type interviews mixed together with a series of cinematic montage sequences complemented by a unique and dynamic musical score and visual effects. 

Each interviewee will begin speaking directly into the camera using the phrase:  

"Starting tomorrow, I..." 

The idea of the movie is for each person to examine and explore their life (so to speak) and comment on how they will strive to improve themselves in the future... starting tomorrow. 

The irony is...  Time doesn't exist.  It's a concept created by humans.  The truth is we live in the "Eternal Now."   If you think about it, tomorrow never gets here...  It's always - RIGHT NOW.

The point of the movie is to inspire the audience to appreciate life to the fullest and to live consciously in the present moment.  Here and now. 

The final shot of the movie will be of me walking up to the camera with the clapboard in my hands and saying directly into the lens: “Starting tomorrow - I’m going to live my life to the fullest and make a movie about all of this... (Snap sticks)  How about you?  What are you going to do?"

                                                                        CUT TO BLACK.


I've always been a strong advocate for creating a marketing tool / demo poster -- before production begins. 

Rather than describing the project in great detail to someone -- I have found that that it helps enormously to have a visual aide to present when soliciting on-camera interviews for a documentary.

Here is the demo poster/flyer that I presented to prospective 
Cosplayers for DISAPPEAR HERE:

And, here is the demo poster/flyer that I presented to prospective 
street musicians for ANOTHER DAY IN PARIS:

A picture saves a million words...  

In addition to my personal website that is directly linked to XYZ VIDEO:

I also purchased the web domain: to market the new movie.  

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