Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ANOTHER DAY IN PARIS - Three Minute Film Festival (official selection) announcement

Do you remember where you were five years ago?  Think about it....

Five years ago I was roaming the streets of Paris with a camera and a microphone interviewing dozens of underground street artists...   

Vive le cinema! 

Click to watch the - movie trailer.

ANOTHER DAY IN PARIS is a cinematic musical journey that celebrates street musicians in the City of Light.  

Throughout the course of the movie the featured artists share their motivations, influences, hopes and dreams and also the downsides of performing live music on the streets and bridges of Paris, France.

Thank you to the talented musicians featured in the documentary: 
Arlette Denis, John Betsch, Ken Husbands, Los Alturenos, Indiana Avent, Marius Pebarot, Michel Des Mers, Lewis Morison, Rene Miller, Ronald Grun, Nico Milantoni, Roberto Stimoli, Nisha Coleman, Michael, Girenez, Michael O'Dougherty, Benjamin D'Anfry, Bernard Constant, John-Pierre Lignian, Noe Beaucarnet, Lucien Alfonso, and Jim Jack. 

And also, a very special thank you to Ryan McDermitt -- producer and co-founder of XYZ Video.  The poster was designed by Kerry Ryan and the website was designed by Jason E. Shaw.

Click to watch the entire documentary -

ANOTHER DAY IN PARIS was created in May of 2008 and a year later we had the world premiere screening at the Cannes Film Festival - 
Short Film Corner in 2009.  

That same year the documentary was also nominated for a Suncoast Emmy Award in the Arts/Entertainment Program category.

Great news!  The movie is still making waves on the film festival circuit – it was recently announced that the trailer for ANOTHER DAY IN PARIS has been officially selected to screen in Santa Fe, New Mexico on June 8, 2013 at the historic Lensic Theater for the Three Minute Film Festival.

Click for more information about the - 3 Minute Film Festival.

Our goal is to entertain, educate and enlighten audiences.  So far, we’ve made short documentaries about Street Musicians, Cosplay and Hurricane Wilma.  Maybe it’s time to make a feature length movie…  What do you think?  

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