Sunday, April 21, 2013

DISAPPEAR HERE - release announcement


DISAPPEAR HERE is a short documentary that takes an inside look at the art of COSPLAY.  

You may be asking yourself…  What is cosplay? 

Cosplay is the art of pretending to be a real life or fictional character in costume.  It's a Japanese word derived from the two words "costume" and "play."  

I was intrigued by this growing cultural phenomenon in our society and I decided to shine a light on the subject from my unique POV.      

Our story takes the audience on a cinematic journey featuring a series of intimate portraits allowing the viewer to see glimpses into the lives of these creative performance artists and the modern day masquerade ball events that they regularly attend in costume.

Throughout the course of the movie the Cosplayers share their humorous insights, motivations, and influences about Cosplay and attending various conventions.  In addition, they enlighten us as to why this intriguing subculture continues to grow – worldwide.

The documentary was two years in the making….  We attended the Florida SuperCon in Miami and MegaCon in Orlando.    

I want to give a very special thank you to everyone who was involved with this unique project…   

Here’s a link to the official IMDb page with all of the various names of the crew and interviewees.

We have submitted to several international film festivals and we are still waiting to hear where it will be accepted so we can plan for the world premiere screening.   

I believe that cinema is the ultimate art form and that documentaries are one of the purest forms of cinema. 

DISAPPEAR HERE is another example of how XYZ VIDEO is a leader in the entertainment industry cultivating and showcasing unique ideas and perspectives through the magic of independent cinema.

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