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It's worth mentioning that Disappear Here was recently showcased on the Full Sail Blog.  I was one of two faculty members that had a new movie screening at the 2014 Love Your Shorts Film Festival
Here's a link to check it out:

I had a delightful experience at the LYSFF in Sanford, Florida.  It was wonderful to see the movie on a big screen with an audience.  Cinema truly is the ultimate art form because it combines all of the arts into one.
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After the screening I was invited to join a panel of distinguished filmmakers for an hour-long panel discussion covering a wide variety of topics regarding the entertainment business.  It was a wonderful opportunity to network and discuss new ideas about independent cinema with other talented filmmakers.
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The Filmmaker Panel was moderated by former LYSFF board member, Matt West.  Each panelist shared a few insights and tips about overcoming a variety of challenges to successfully create their movie.  In addition, there was a question and answer session with the audience.
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Here are some notes of what I shared:

Be bold and discover new ways to tell a story visually.  Create something unique and beautiful.  Experiment and discover new storytelling techniques.  
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Cinema is freedom.  Exercise your First Amendment Right (Freedom of Speech) and make a movie that pushes the boundaries of visual storytelling and challenges the audience to understand your perspective in a new and interesting way. 

Remember to design and implement a strong digital marketing campaign for your movie.
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There are three E’s to great moviemaking.  A good movie should do all three of these: entertain, educate and enlighten the audience.  That’s what we strive to do here at XYZ Video.    

Photo courtesy of Samantha Lane Photography.
From left to right, Matt West was the moderator of the panel.  The other members were: Michael J. Ruiz-Unger, Director of A Hawk Told Me from the Florida Flavor category, Dean McDermitt, Director of Disappear Here from the Documentary category, Stefan Meylaers, Producer/Composer of Oculus from the Sci-Fi/Horror category, TL WestGate, Director of Techsquad from the Florida Flavor category, and Jennifer Gerber, Director of Capture from the Sci-fi/Horror category.
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