Sunday, July 28, 2013


Describe yourself in ONE WORD.  

That's what we asked seven young filmmakers attending a 2-week film school summer camp at the Enzian.

On June 22, I was invited to be a guest speaker at KIDFEST to talk about the art and craft of documentary filmmaking.  Rather than lecture the students for 30 minutes -- I brought along a light, two cameras, and a microphone for them to create their own movie.  

Our creative crew consisted of a director, two camera operators, a boom mic operator, a director of photography, and a first assistant director.  After the interviewee answered the single question everyone rotated so that each student got to experience each job on the impromptu movie set.  

Everything was very spontaneous and creative.  No actors or even a screenplay was needed.  Just a lot of passion and fun for everyone.

Afterwards, I weaved together the footage and created an exciting short documentary about the cinematic experience.     

CLICK HERE TO WATCH: ONE WORD - the documentary

The answers that they came up with were: 

What would your answer be if you had to describe yourself in one word?

Click here for more information about KIDFEST.

The best teacher in life is experience.   

Special thanks to Jill Craddock and Hollie Mahadeo for coordinating this enlightening and educational event.  And especially to Kerry Cheremont for his remarkable musical score.

It was an honor to share my insights and passion for cinema with these talented young filmmakers.  I look forward to seeing their upcoming movie projects on the big screen.

Here's to the future of cinema!  

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