Sunday, September 22, 2013


As most students have now returned to new and intriguing classes
this fall I’m reminded of a promotional video that I produced
and directed a few years ago to showcase Florida Atlantic University’s
Lifelong Learning Society. 

Here’s a link:

FAU’s Lifelong Learning Society provides an important educational
niche in South Florida.  They offer an extensive catalogue of classes
covering a wide varity of topics.

The courses are taught by Florida Atlantic University faculty
and distinguished guest lecturers.  Their motto at LLS is no tests, 
no homework, and no stress.

The Lifelong Learning Society was founded with the goal of enriching
the lives of mature students by offering learning opportunities through 
non-credit university level courses.  Thankfully, when you register, 
there are no academic prerequisites for any of the classes.

The courses are offered in the fall, winter, spring, and summer. 
The topics are cutting edge and ever-changing. There’s even a
question and answer session with the audience.  They have everything 
from traveling to reading, to opera, music, current events...
There’s something literally for everyone.

LLS classes are an opportunity to exercise your brain with 
up to the minute information.  Learning for learning’s sake. 
These courses will broaden your horizons and allow you to explore 
subjects that you’ve always been interested in but just haven’t had 
the opportunity before.  Now it’s available right here in Florida.

The campus is located just east of I-95, off Donald Ross Road.  
On FAU’s John D. MacArthur campus in Jupiter, Florida.

For more information about attending a class check out their website:

Interestingly, right after I completed this project I flew to Europe
for a month to create ANOTHER DAY IN PARIS.  
One good thing leads to another… 

Here’s a link to the 25-minute short documentary about 
street musicians in the City of Light. 

Vive le cinema! 

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